Rotten Spinach Be Gone!

13 Feb

It’s taking some time, but I’m slowly getting to the point where I know how much produce my husband and I will actually eat versus what we think we’ll eat.

I can’t tell you how many heads of lettuce, tomatoes, oranges and other fruits and vegetables end up in the garbage because we never eat as much as we say we will. As much as I love those little clementine oranges, I refuse to buy a four-pound box because I KNOW I won’t eat them. I’d rather buy no fruit at all than buy it and not eat it only to throw it away.

I’d feel less bad about it if we lived in a house and I had a compost pile. Then I could at least make some good soil out of all my rotten produce.

Hearing of my plight, my friend suggested produce bags, which are used to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. I decided to give them a try and was pleasantly surprised. There may be other brands out there, but I picked up Brawny just because they were the only ones on display.

My fresh spinach stayed fresh for two weeks and my tomatoes were still firm a week and a half after I bought them. They were about $5 for 10 reusable bags, which is a bit pricey but it has probably saved me a ton of money in rotten produce. I got mine at Kroger in the storage bag and plastic wrap aisle.


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